Observations of a Nerd

Time to Vote!!

All right all 300 or so listeners of mine (wow, that sounds like a lot). The voting link is up for the 3 Quark’s Daily Best Science Blog Post. So go and vote for your favorite science blog post(s) – though, if you need suggestions, there are four down in the Os that I think are phenominal. The top 21 posts in terms of voting by June 8th get judged by the elite panel to determine the winner, so for me to have a chance at that year’s supply of Ramen I’ll have to hope to make it into the top 21!

There are some others that I could be OK (I guess) with you voting for. There are 3 by Southern Fried Science, for example, which are also very deserving. But, really – check out that O section. It’s a good one. My picks: Observations of a Nerd’s “The End Of The Age Of Man?” or “A Marine Biologists Story”.