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Enjoy this article. It’s some thrilling reading! Brilliant! -via… well I’m not really sure what this is–

How to support a gymnast

A great view: -via This is… Photobomb!–

Find out right here via the Christian Science Monitor: For many years, the National Football League has given the Wonderlic aptitude test to rookie players. The test has 50 questions with a 12-minute time limit. Put three minutes on the clock and try our shortened version of the test, created with sample questions from…

An odd view of San Francisco

This (I guess?) accidental view of a San Francisco house really shows how steep the hills are. -Via BoingBoing– “Håkan Dahlström got this delightful shot of one of San Francisco’s steeper hills, turning his camera so that the road (and not the houses) were at level to convey the extent of the slope.”

It seems that there are some cool pictures/film floating around showing some of the results of the wacky shit that the military did back in the day in order to win wars in some very very unconventional ways. Here’s something NPR dug up: The Army had a few periods of experimenting with LSD and other…

Just to get you ready for tomorrow’s sports post (are you smarter than a quarterback?) Athletes’ Experiences of the Psychological Effects of Poor Coaching The purpose of this study was to describe the psychological effects of poor coaching reported by collegiate, professional and semi-professional athletes. The present study employs a qualitative research design. Existential phenomenology…

This group can build a 3D model from millions of flickr images from any city/location/public restroom. Amazing! Scholars at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have developed a method for creating 3D models of pretty much anything in pretty much no time. Using a sexy algorithm and the millions of photographs available from…

I love creative design. Here begins a new theme on Omni Brain. Do you only have a small cabinet and need to fit in as many drinking tools as possible? Do you want to get sticky booze all over your house? This is for you! -via gizmodo–

Bicycle drawing machine

Maybe it’s because I just had a stiff drink – but I absolutely love this thing. The art is cool, bicycles are great, and engineering for fun interests me. Maybe it’s not the bourbon… -Via Neatorama–