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Beautiful pictures of the brain

The NYTimes has a great article, slide show and video with some phenomenal pictures of the brain. Well worth checking out. Enjoy!

Only crazy people are happy

This guy has a very good point: J Med Ethics. 1992 Jun;18(2):94-8. A proposal to classify happiness as a psychiatric disorder. Bentall RP. Department of Clinical Psychology, Liverpool University. Abstract It is proposed that happiness be classified as a psychiatric disorder and be included in future editions of the major diagnostic manuals under the new…

Two great accidental viewpoints

I love accidental viewpoints. (I studied the opposite in graduate school – the optimum view). Check these out: Anyone care to speculate on what’s actually going on? (answer & source here)

Dog Telepathy Experiments

Unless dogs only have telepathy for knowing where not to pee in the house I don’t know why anyone would assume they had it at all. Anyway, check this out from Just found this picture from around 1920. In this telepathy experiment between human and dog Karl Krall (on the right) tried to detect…

Besides our blogs being about two very different topics I seem to have a much more crass interpretation of things. For example Phil says this “I don’t want to live in a place where transdimensional spaceworms can appear in the sky and blast superheated steam straight down onto innocent earthlings.” I see things very differently.…

Gestalt psychology meets physics

A great example of ‘figure-ground’ (Via a scienceblogger I didn’t know existed, I guess this is what happens when I stop blogging for a year +, oh and he seems to have a sweet sweet blog – so you should probably go over there, and on another related note check out the next blog post…

yes you. Or perhaps you’ve fallen off of your midlife crisis testosterone penis boat? This here inflatable brain could save your life. Order only if you are experiencing an actual emergency drowning situation. Alternatively you could buy this for me for XMas… if only you knew where to send it.

Jessica @ Bioephemera found some really great plastinated bull cocks and I have to agree with her on not buying them. But… I LOVE these brains! Too bad they’re 1500 euros :/

Effervescent Brain Salt

Mmmm…. brains… And…. I’m back

I don’t usually post anything about “that kind” of psychology but I loved these: (via Dangerous Minds & their creator – Matthew Wilkinson)