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Man Severs Own Penis

This will probably never be made into an anti-drug ad campaign, but I can’t imagine a stronger deterrent. Angel’s Trumpet is a flower that contains scopolamine and other alkaloids. It’s known as a “biogenic drug” and presumed by naive recreational drug users to be harmless because it’s a plant. However, it can cause psychosis, delirium,…

Vector Art

Stunning vector art by Brazilian illustrator Guilherme Marconi. Marconi is a fabulously talented designer who has created a number of unique works related to thought and brain. Check out this contribution to the Vector Magazine calendar in a pdf, and view more of his portfolio (including an Absolut Vodka ad) at his web site.

Multimedia Friday – Another Walking Brain

Not so much walking as rocking and rolling, a brain moves along a desk in a supremely pointless amateur video. Watch the shadow on the wall behind the brain…

Random Funnies

Here are some comics and images I’ve been saving up for so long that I mostly forget where I found them. Click the fold below to view. Enjoy!

Walking Brain

In other news about brain-shaped toys, here’s the Walking Brain. Wind it up and, yes, it walks. The really stupid thing, though, is that someone’s created a 15 second video of it waddling across a blank screen that they think people will pay to download (you can watch it for free), while the toy costs…

Multimedia Friday – Blips of the Heart

Anaesthetist’s Hymn performed by the comedy duo Amateur Transplants, set to the music of Total Eclipse of the Heart. [P.S. What’s this got to do with the brain? Consciousness.]

Used Brain

Credit: Mark Stivers. Thanks Mark!

MM Friday – Amygdaloids

This Friday is a holiday (in America, at least) and what’s better on a holiday than a rerun? Yay for reruns. So, I’ve written about the Amygdaloids before, but here’s an introduction video in case you didn’t see it (or want to enjoy it again). Also, this band of rockin’ cognitive scientists has a CD…

Psychopharmacologist Song

I couldn’t wait for Multimedia Friday to post this video, it’s just too funny. I Am the Very Model of a Psychopharmacologist is set to Gilbert and Sullivan’s classic song with animation. Created by Stephen M Stahl, MD, PhD, of the Neurosciences Education Institute, Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California San Diego,…

Multimedia Friday – Heroin, Any Questions?

Anti-drug ad parody that’s also an anti-drug ad itself. This is Your Brain on Heroin: Any Questions?.