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Experiments with Ghosts

Another in the hilarious vintage BBC Look Around You series, this is 4 – Ghosts. Bwa-ha-ha.


You lol’ed at science education spoof Look Around You: Brain, and now for Halloween here’s Look Around You: Ghosts. In this nine minute pseudoscience mockumentary you’ll learn things like, “Ectoplasm is perfectly safe to eat, and tastes like pig’s milk.” Spooky!

Multimedia Friday – Brain Education Spoof

Look Around You: Brain. “The brain is basically a wrinkled bag of skin filled with warm water, veins, and thought muscles. … The opposite of the brain is probably the bum.” Brief vintage BBC parody of science education films about the brain. Watch through to the end, when a brain in a jar is rewarded…

Multimedia Friday – McGurk Effect Illusion

Via Metacafe, here’s an audio/visual illusion involving reading lips and seeing voices (nothing to do with synaesthesia) called the McGurk Effect.

Multimedia Friday – Dogs with Narcolepsy

Via The Center for Narcolepsy at Stanford School of Medicine], this video explains: Various narcoleptic episodes in dogs. Sporadic cases of narcolepsy in dogs is due to hypocretin peptide deficiency while the familial form is due to mutations in one of the two hypocretin receptor genes (hcrtr2). Various dogs are shown here in a clip…

Multimedia Friday 21/09/07 – Pinker on Colbert

Linguist Steven Pinker visits the Colbert Report.