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Silkworm Rap

So I had this great post planned about the Boston aquapocalypse but by the time I managed to get some water samples to the lab they had started heavily chlorinating the water and no bacteria were left! Since negative results don’t make for good blog posts, please enjoy this video of my silkworms dancing to…

By Patrick of Hydrocalypse Industries!

Cultural Synthetic Biology

The future potential of synthetic biology is usually discussed in terms of applications in fields like medicine, food science, and the environment. Genetically engineered life forms are being designed to make medicines cheaply, to target tumor cells, to make more nutritious food, or to make agricultural plants that are easier to grow with less of…

Microbes Conquering the U.S.

I’ve had some great suggestions for “Official” State Microbes in comments and via twitter. I’m filling in the map as they come: So far we have: Alaska — Alcanivorax borkumensis for its oil consumption California — Ralstonia metallidurans for its gold precipitating qualities (and CA-MRSA as a terrifying runner up) Illinois — Penicillium roqueforti for…