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It turns out that my wonderful iGEM students, besides being brilliant scientists, are also excellent, hilarious actors. Please enjoy their Jersey Shore inspired video about molecular cloning:

Science Haiku

There is big excitement in lab today–my very talented labmate Jake has won the Division of Medical Sciences graduate student science haiku contest!!! Here is his burrito winning entry: Green lasers on high Shining to illuminate Synechococcus! It’s definitely haiku day over here, so share your science haikus in the comments for maximum fun!

This is a pretty old video we made about Craig Venter that I’ve shared before on Hydrocalypse, but I think now is a good time to share it again. When Craig isn’t creating synthetic bacteria, he’s sailing the world, searching the oceans for interesting DNA sequences. We were inspired by this lifestyle (and sometimes even…

The Beard-ome

Another Hydrocalypse Industries original production, the Beard-ome presents imaginary work on the genomics of the beard. What’s lying beneath your beard?

Lady Gaga’s “Lab Romance”

My labmates and I love Lady Gaga. Like, love love love. Enough to make a parody fan video of Bad Romance. It is my pleasure to present to you “Lab Romance”, a production of Hydrocalypse Industries. Enjoy! Lyrics after the jump!

What’s your state microbe?

Wisconsin lawmakers just passed a bill to name Lactobacillus lactis, the bacteria that turns milk into cheese, into its official state microbe! What microbe do you think best represents your state? I think Massachusetts’ state microbe should be E. coli, not for the gross make you sick part of course, but because of the importance…

I sort of love the “KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON” posters that have become the darling of interior decorating bloggers and graphic design jokesters alike in the past few years. I even have one of the posters hanging in my apartment. Then I saw Merlin’s version. At first I LOLed, and then I was like…

The Science of Nudity

There’s a funny article over at H+ magazine called “Get Naked: It’s Good for Your Brain,” telling us exactly that: Clothing is crushing us! Trapped in tomb-like textiles, we exile our flesh from experiencing the environment. We atrophy the majority of our epidermis. If you put a plaster cast on a broken arm, the skin…