Friday Cephalopod: Hairy & slimy

Allonautilus scrobiculatus is a rare species that can be distinguishes from the natty Nautilus pompilius by its hairy, slimy shell. That doesn’t seem like a distinction to be proud of, but I guess it takes all types to fill an ocean.

I am not a number

I endorse this article: 5 Ways That Science Supports Feminism – Not Gender Essentialism. It’s making the point that when you actually study the relevant sciences, you discover that they fundamentally support a more complex view of sexuality than the usual boy/girl dichotomy. Here, in brief, are the five points it makes: 1. There Are…

Macroevolution explained

If you’re reluctant to drop $80 on a copy of Zimmer/Emlen’s Evolution: Making Sense of Life, here’s a deal for you: the NCSE will let you download a chapter for free, the one on macroevolution (pdf). That’s a good choice. I run into a fair number of pro-science people who think the macroevolution/microevolution distinction is…

Mary’s Monday Metazoan: School’s in

Classes start Wednesday. I am not ready.

Hey, how about these article titles? Comet Impacts Really Could Have Been the Catalyst For Life on EarthComet Impacts May Have Produced The Building Blocks For Life On EarthWe Now Know For Sure How Life Began on Earth We’re getting this sudden flurry of articles touting the contribution of organic molecules from cometary sources to…

Those whales. Such jokers.

Here’s a scientist talking about the great difficulty of finding whales out on the open ocean. Wouldn’t you know it…? That’s excellent comedic timing. I hear they’re also big-hearted.

Evolution & cooperation

I’m still traveling! I’ll be heading to the airport shortly to fly back to Minnesota, so until I get back you’ll just have to listen to my talk at Gateway to Reason earlier this month.

Friday Cephalopod: When in Seattle…

One must acknowledge the Giant Pacific Octopus.

My arrival in Seattle

First thing when I landed at SeaTac: it started raining, as I’d hoped. Second thing at the airport: we were taking a shuttle bus, and this guy started talking at his friend. I learned many things. It’s obvious that cell phones cause cancer. They radiate energy. Energy causes cancer. QED. The only reason we don’t…

I repeat: Octopuses are NOT aliens

Jebus. The stupidity of the media is maddening. Here are two articles now out there: Don’t freak out, but scientists think octopuses ‘might be aliens’ after DNA study and Octopuses ‘are aliens’, scientists decide after DNA study. These reporters are embarrassing. Not to freak you out or anything, but scientists have just revealed that octopuses…