Just say “no” to stupid surveys

I was not alone in receiving a silly survey from an ID creationist: Tara, Mike, John, and Wesley all got it, and all rejected its premise. I’m joining in the universal dismissal. If you’re curious, I’ve put the “survey” below the fold, but here’s my answer.

  1. A. Insert thumbs in ears.
  2. B. Flap hands.
  3. C. Cross eyes.
  4. D. Make loud raspberry sound.

P.S. Now the guy is whining that the “defenders of science” refuse to participate in his “scientific” survey, failing to note that our complaint is that it is not scientific in any way…and as expected, he’s turning any response into an excuse to berate his pro-science sample.

Dear recipient,

You have been contacted because you contribute to a blog which has been
identified as a “pro-science blog”. I am conducting a survey on
outsiders’ perception of intelligent design, and I would appreciate your
input. The results will be published on deleted, an independent
blog about intelligent design, and every reply will be treated as
anonymous. Please read the following carefully, and send your answer to

For the purpose of this survey, “creationism” will be defined as “a
belief in the literal interpretation of the account of the creation of
the universe and of all living things related in the Bible” (source: “Evolution” will be defined as “the theory that all
modern life forms are derived from one or a few common ancestors via
descent with modification”.

Please answer the following:

On which points are intelligent design and creationism identical?

  1. A. Both creationism and intelligent design require one to have a
    particular interpretation of the Biblical creation account.
  2. B. Both creationism and intelligent design require one to accept a
    particular age of the Earth and of the universe.
  3. C. Both creationism and intelligent design require one to reject
  4. D. Both creationism and intelligent design identify the Christian God as
    the creator.
  5. E. Both creationism and intelligent design hold that there is an
    intelligence behind certain features of nature.
  6. F. There are no points of similarity between creationism and intelligent
  7. G. None of the above options accurately describe the relationship
    between creationism and intelligent design.

(Please check all that apply.)

What? No “H. Both are intellectually empty ideologies pushed by people ignorant of science”? I can think of lots of possible answers that tend to disparage the hucksters promoting either one.


  1. #1 Bayesian Bouffant, FCD
    January 30, 2006

    They forgot to define “intelligent design” in their survey on intelligent design. Although I’m certain it would be defined so that its not creationism!

    Right. “Intelligent Design” is defined as: Deliberate strategy to misrepresent Creationist doctrine in order to circumvent existing court decisions excluding the teaching of “Creation Science” on church|state grounds.

    Using that definition, technicaly ID is not Creationism, it is a ‘wedge’ intended to open the doors of the public schools for Creationism.

    This is the flip side of being a pseudonymous Internet lurker. I don’t get gift DVDs from Dawkins, but I don’t get bogus surveys from ID rathole blogs either.

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