A challenge!

Here’s a request from gnosos:

“Dr” Hovind is giving a speech on my campus tomorrow night in a 450 seat auditorium. Usually, questioners only get 15 seconds at the mic at these kinds of things, and I’m trying to think of a question that approaches one of his many glaring errors in thought in a novel way. Do you (or your readers) have any ideas about what you (or they) would say to Kent Hovind given 15 seconds?

I’m cynical: I think the rapid-fire limitation is intended to prevent deep, thoughtful questions or any kind of considered rebuttal, and I also think he’ll just reply to anything with more empty-headed, rote creationist jingo, so I think it’s all an exercise in futility. But maybe someone here can come up with a simple stumper of a question.


  1. #1 Sastra
    February 27, 2006

    “Mr. Hovind, as you realize, in science new evidence sometimes means we change our theory. If eventually new discoveries make it absolutely clear that evolution happened after all, do you advise everyone here to be honest and renounce Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior? In other words — is evolution your test for God?”

    Give the religious folk in the auditorium something to mull over.

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