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Here’s an entirely hypothetical scenario. You’re in a room with two exits, marked Door A and Door B. By each is a guardian, Guardian A and Guardian B. You need to go through one of the doors. Door A is light and flimsy, easy to open—just turn the knob and you’re through it. Reasonably enough,…

That prayer boondoggle

The best analysis of American Heart Journal prayer study that I’ve seen yet is over at Rhosgobel. It uses solid methodology, and its results are clear: prayer didn’t help, and might even have hurt. I’ve read the paper. It was hard. Every time I saw the word “prayer” on the page (and it’s used like…

Friday Cephalopod: on the rocks

Octopus vulgaris Figure from Cephalopods: A World Guide (amzn/b&n/abe/pwll), by Mark Norman.

Once more into the breach

Hmmm. That creationist who emailed me a question the other day has sent me another. It’s like feeding raccoons—pretty soon they get the idea they should hang out in swarms around your house, they’re digging in the trash, and they’re pooping all over your lawn. Oh, well, one more time: Here is another question for…

Let’s all convert!

Carnivalia, and an open thread

Here are a few recent carnivals to peruse… 31st Skeptics’ Circle 20th I & the Bird 7th Circus of the Spineless …and otherwise, chat away about whatever.

A little godless amusement

What’s gotten into the Huffington post? There’s a flood of entries making fun of Christian self-pity. Two possible interpretations: liberals are all god-hating elitists, or fundamentalist fanatics have made easy targets of themselves lately. I’ll let you guess which hypothesis I favor. Laugh long and hard, everyone, and let’s all sing out, “I told you…

No more coffee for Mr Witt

Jonathan Witt of the Discovery Institute has lost it. The string of defeats for the cause of Intelligent Design creationism has had its toll, first Dover and now the Ohio ID lesson plan, and the poor man is clearly suffering from the strain, as you can tell from his latest hysterical screed. First we get…

The squid, they are everywhere!

It’s a universal phenomenon: squid love.

Our speaker at Tuesday’s Café Scientifique, Nic McPhee, has a blog, and gives the speaker’s side of the event. He’s exactly right that our big problem out here is improving community involvement, and getting some interaction with the townie side is going to be one of my goals in setting up next year’s series.