Our speaker at Tuesday’s Café Scientifique, Nic McPhee, has a blog, and gives the speaker’s side of the event. He’s exactly right that our big problem out here is improving community involvement, and getting some interaction with the townie side is going to be one of my goals in setting up next year’s series.


  1. #1 Tara C. Smith
    March 30, 2006

    If you get some brilliant ideas on increasing community involvement, be sure to post ’em here. Now that I’ve discovered Iowa City has our own CS, I’m finding the same thing–it’s largely university folk in the sciences.

  2. #2 Jen
    July 16, 2008

    As a co-founder of Science on Tap in Seattle, I’ve found that the best attendance happens through word of mouth, not by intensive advertisement (recent evaluation numbers). That being said, you may have more success garnering community involvement by posting fliers about your science cafe in places where the locals hang out and even talking with your target audience about the topics they’d like to hear more about. Learn what topics are URGENT for your target audience and therefore more likely to win attendance. Good luck and have fun. Aren’t science cafes a blast??

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