RtB on Tiktaalik

There are a number of creationist organizations flourishing in America. One I’ve criticized many times is the Discovery Institute, which I suspect is now waning in influence after the Dover debacle; another is Answers in Genesis, which is a Mecca for the Young Earth Creationists; and one other is Reasons to Believe, which is an Old Earth Creationist haven for crackpots. Despite their doctrinal differences, though, it’s amazing how uniformly they respond to evolutionary discovers with denial. The recent discovery of Tiktaalik has been instructive: all three organizations have now weighed in, and all three trivialize it as meaningless, non-transitional, or even “piddling”. We’ve heard from The Discovery Institute, AiG, and now Zenoferox hacks apart RtB’s response. They’re like mindless clones of each other.