My schedule is knocked all to heck today—there was some mess of an accident on I94 that cost me an extra hour and a half coming into the cities, and the cops in the U district sent me wondering all over the place in order to maximize congestion and protect some sporting event—so I’m not sure what I’ll be doing this evening now. I’m killing time in a coffeeshop, waiting for #1 Son to complete this interview thing, and then I’ll do something. I guess.

Oh, well. Here’s the weekly noise.

Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner Warren Zevon
Working for the Man PJ Harvey
The View Modest Mouse
Haiti The Arcade Fire
Suvetar (Goddess Of Spring) Gjallarhorn
Miss Kate Rusby Battlefield Band
Rouge Sang Saian Supa Crew
Forever Young Chris Isaak
Wanna get next to you Rose Royce
Sacred Darling Gogol Bordello