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Travelin’ man

My life isn’t easing up just yet as we wend our way to the imminent end of the term. I’m going to be flitting about over the next few days. I’m chauffeuring #1 son to a job interview in Minneapolis today, and then returning him home to St Cloud again sometime this evening. I’m planning…

Red devils?

The Squid blog links to a wonderful National Geographic video of the Humboldt squid. Watch them attack divers! I cheered! Alas, the squid’s efforts to taste monkey meat were frustrated, and the noble beasts have not learned to love the taste of sweet manflesh…yet.

Comic appreciation

A reader brought Crap I Drew on My Lunch Break to my attention—I like it. The artist understands us godless people and our love of puppy dog dinners and satanic rituals, and she doesn’t seem fond of Intelligent Design creationism. It’s on my list of regular webcomics to read.

An easy quiz

One of these people is a babbling butthead. Tony Snow: “Racism isn’t that big a deal any more.” Ampersand: “The effect of a crime like this—and the subsequent not guilty verdict—is to remind all blacks that a substantial number of whites consider blacks to be a good deal less than human.” Guess which one?

Cooking with agnatha

One moment I’m posting about jawless fish, the next I’m sent a link to the bravest, craziest young people to infest a marine station. Yes, the two stories are connected.

9 out of 10 biologists agree!

Chemistry stinks. (via Uncertain Principles)

Naked anaspids

This strange fish is Euphanerops longaevus, which is one of two species of 370 million year old jawless fishes (the other is Endeiolepis aneri, and the paper suggests that they may actually represent differently preserved members of the same species). These are soft-bodied animals that are usually poorly preserved, and are of interest because they…

Carnivalia, and an open thread

This week’s collection of carnivals: Carnival of the Liberals #11 I and the Bird #22 Skeptics’ Circle #33 Carnival of Education #64 Anyone else feel that it’s a shame CoE hasn’t hit #66 yet? Otherwise, you got your open thread right here.

What is that man doing to that squid?

Whatever it is, it’s very kinky. (via Phil)


Paul Nelson has been twittering about ORFans for some time now—he seems to precede his talks by threatening to make us evolutionists tremble in our boots by bringing them up, but he never seems to follow through. Ian Musgrave got tired of waiting for him to give us a coherent creationist argument about them, and…