I believe in making things easy for my stalkers, so here’s where you can find me in the near future.

  • Our good and gracious Seed overlords are flying me in to New York next weekend, June 2-4. I’m going to be wrapped up in a little bit of a social whirl, but I might have a few scraps of free time in there—and I know there is a plan to turn me loose in the Bronx Zoo for a while. I will be attended by my trusty batman, Connlann, so if any young NY ladies want to meet a hunky midwesterner, let me know—I’ll have one with me. I, of course, will be more interested in the non-human organisms, and am not hunky.
  • The week after that, my wife Mary and I will be at YearlyKos, June 8-11 (it’s filling up, so if you’re thinking about it, act soon!). If you can’t make it, apparently everyone there, including me, will be liveblogging the various events.
  • On the 18th or 19th of July (the dates are still being arranged), I’ll be speaking at a meeting of Atheists for Human Rights on “Science & Secularism in a Demon-Haunted World“. I’m following Barry Lynn, who’s speaking there in June, and preceding (tentatively) Gloria Steinem in August. I feel a little out of my league.

The rest of the time, I’m hoping I can just stay quietly in Morris and get some work done.