Call me perverse, but my first thought on seeing this kid was that I desperately want to see an x-ray of the pectoral girdle. It looks to me from this one picture that the lower arm must lack a scapula or a clavicle, or at best have fragments with screwy and probably nonfunctional connections. I don’t understand why the doctors are even arguing about which arm could be more functional, if the article is correct. Or why they’re even considering it important to lop one off: if there aren’t circulatory defects or it isn’t impairing the function of the ‘best’ arm, why take a knife to him?

Poor kid. It does look like a very weird and fascinating developmental aberration, though, and it sounds like there are other internal asymmetries that are going to make life rough for him.


  1. #1 Lucy Gambrill
    March 5, 2008

    I want to buy this baby and put it in my boxing ring. How much will that cost?
    I hope this message is not offensive to certain cultures.

    Shing Hao,
    Lucy Gambrill the Shinged

  2. #2 Taimur Malik
    March 5, 2008

    I agree. I think today’s circuses (circi?) have been compromised by the explosion of capitalistic informational technology. We need to utilize this existence for the circuses (circi?) of America.

  3. #3 Sara 'Circus Freak' Friedman
    March 5, 2008

    My hair is crazy and so I’m on a circus.
    It is also known as the Circus.
    the ‘Circus’ refers to Sara Friedman’s Circus in Alabama Michigan.
    I will offer $5007 for the baby, but I want permission to put it into a seal-shaped glass vase before I enter any social contract, dammit dang.

    Sara Friedman

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