Please go laugh at UncommonDescent

DaveScot is one of those genuinely deranged ID supporters, and I don’t like giving him any attention…but Richard Hughes just sent me a note mentioning this long defensive thread he has started at UncommonDescent, and he’s just done something so darned funny and stupid I can’t resist.

He’s arguing about gravity. At one point, he claims that “By the way, gravity is the strongest force in nature.” As you might guess, he’s jumped on for that, and so he rushes off to find some supporting evidence…and gets it, he says, from John G. Cramer, professor of physics. Here’s the part he quotes:

Curiously, in some ways gravity is also the strongest force in the universe. It always adds, never subtracts, and can build up until it overwhelms all other forces.

The hilarious bit here that is so characteristic of creationists is that this is a highly selective quote. He left out the first sentence of the article.

Gravity is the weakest force in the universe.

Doesn’t that just say everything about IDists approach to science?


  1. #1 Torbjörn Larsson
    December 3, 2006



    It is unfortunate that I revisit this issue this late, but family business intruded and I have but slowly taken up all of the blogging again. I’m quite certain you will pick this up again, though. :-)

    “As to how my ideas have been accepted, ask Lynne Margulis, Nietzsche, Darwin in the early years, and Daniel Koshland Jr., how truly relevant such a question is.”

    The Galileo defence. If it can’t pass peer-review, it has failed as science.

    You have presented an hypothesis without any experimental evidence what I can see, and proceeded to write a book about it. Now you rant because my evaluation of this is negative, behaving like a crank here and elsewhere in the comment. Since you don’t explain or defend your ideas further or present data, I don’t see anything to discuss.

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