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Carnivalia, and an open thread

The carnivals du jour: Circus of the Spineless XI Encephalon #3 Again, this is also an open thread. I got a comment on the last one that more open threads are needed. Is that true? I don’t need to go to Atrios-level open-threadery, of course, but if you’d like these a little more often, let…

FDA moving on Plan B

Suddenly, the FDA has decided to allow over-the-counter sales of the Plan B contraceptive. They’ve imposed an age restriction—you must be 18 or over to buy it—but it’s a smart move in the right direction, and it’s about time.

Why are flounder funny looking?

The other day, I was asked a simple question that I knew the answer to, right off the top of my head, and since I’m nothing but lazy and lovin’ the easy stuff, I thought I’d expand on it a bit here. The question was, “How do flounder get to be that way, with their…

Revealing slip of the keyboard

Catch ’em quick before they get deleted. In a post on Dembski’s blog that is discussing their Kansas ad campaign to falsely portray the IDist’s efforts as solely about teaching good science, there are a couple of interesting comments. Keep in mind that the Discovery Institute has declared that they aren’t trying to sneak intelligent…

Signs of the Cephalopod Underground

A reader discovered this fascinating graffiti in downtown Minneapolis, near the transit center on Hennepin Avenue. In Minneapolis! So far from the sea, but I’m not alone in pining for it. I may have to look this up. This is a travel week for me, as I have to run around taking care of some…

John Rennie deconstructs an IDist’s own definition of Intelligent Design. Here’s that definition: ID is the claim that there exist patterns in nature that are best explained by intelligent agency. ID doesn’t claim to be a default explanation. It is claimed to be a legitimate hypothesis, supported by a large body of evidence, that deserves…

Save the Australian Lungfish!

There is now a web page dedicated to the Neoceratodus cause. If you haven’t yet fired off a letter to oppose the destruction of the lungfish’s habitat, there’s a sample letter there to help you get started. It’s not too late to make your voice heard!

It’s how we can all get along

What an excellent demonstration of the importance of the principle of the separation of church and state: here’s a conservative Christian minister whose views on society and politics I find thoroughly odious; here’s a liberal Christian with whom I’d be 99% in agreement, but whose moderate religious views I can still find a bit batty;…

Ooooh, check out the pretty picture!

Carel Brest van Kempen has posted one of his paintings of Cambrian animals—be sure to click on it to get the larger size. I wish I had a pet anomalocarid in my aquarium.

I just have to say this

I’m an exceptionally sound sleeper. I’ve been known to snooze through fire alarms.