I just have to say this

I’m an exceptionally sound sleeper. I’ve been known to snooze through fire alarms.


  1. #1 just john
    July 30, 2006

    Well, I slept through a hurricane — TWICE!

    (I woke up when the eye was right over me, then went back to sleep.)

  2. #2 j
    July 30, 2006

    Oh, good grief.

  3. #3 coturnix
    July 30, 2006

    I am an EXTREMELY sound sleeper. I slept through a strong earthquake (about 7) at the epicenter, while everyone at the hotel was banging on my door trying to wake me up to get me out of the building. It destroyed some buildings in the vicinity, but the hotel remained intact. I woke up a couple of hours later and went to the restaurant, wondering why everyone was so excited…

    Of course, I do not in any way deviate from the correlation inplied in the article….LOL

  4. #4 wolfa
    July 30, 2006

    I slept through a marching band which stopped right in front of me and one of those speedy rides at an amusement park. Not that I’m a man, or that I am currently having sex (alas).

  5. #5 maryanne
    July 30, 2006


  6. #6 FishyFred
    July 30, 2006

    Gee PZ, you might want to see a doctor. Anyone who sleeps that long and that hard can have serious problems.

  7. #7 Kaethe
    August 2, 2006

    I’ve slept through a fire across the street and a tornado. I am also not a man.

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