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Assuming that none of my readers are perfectly spherical, you all possess notable asymmetries—your top half is different from your bottom half, and your front or ventral half is different from you back or dorsal half. You left and right halves are probably superficially somewhat similar, but internally your organs are arranged in lopsided ways.…

Sunday morning worship

Yay! It’s the Dr Seuss Bible! (via Secular Front)

You must read Doonesbury today. We ought to be laughing ourselves silly every time those Republicans dredge up a flag burning amendment to distract everyone from their other ridiculous, failed policies.

Les needs eyeballs

If you want continuously updated content, the place to go today is Stupid Evil Bastard’s joint. He’s engaged in a blogathon to raise money for Americans United for Separation of Church and State —so go read, and if you’re willing, sponsor him!

The NY Times has a decent summary of the Dobrich case—the families in the Indian River school district of Delaware who are suing to end the state sponsorship of sectarian religion that is running amuck there. Most of the residents there don’t seem to get it—I wish people would stop calling this a school prayer…

The Big Bang for Dummies

I’m not a cosmologist and I don’t even pretend to be one on the internet, but as an evolutionist I hear far more about the Big Bang from creationists than I should…and it’s everything from the Big Bang never happened to the Big Bang disproves evolution, and often both opinions are held by the same…

Must be the Pharynguloid Air Force…

That previous image of squid in flight is now explained: Squid kites!

Fossil spiders!

Muton has some splendid photos of fossil spiders.

Carnivalia, and an open thread

Carnival of Socialism #7 Carnival of Education #77 Friday Ark #97 Don’t forget—there’s another Tangled Bank coming up on Wednesday, 2 August, at Science and Reason, so mail those links to Charles Daney,, or me.

Isn’t that a sweet little old lady? I guess the sign offended a few people, though, and they turned her in to the police. Insisting that the sign was simply a lark, Mrs Grove said yesterday that she had never received any complaints about it. But police ordered her to take it down and her…