Why is it called biblical literalism?



How nice—having an open thread overnight provided me with some entertaining reading this morning!

Henrik Aasted Sørensen mentioned this fascinating description of a creationist comic book—it has an account of evil angels leading the dinosaurs on a last-minute assault on Noah’s Ark, and announces that ‘THIS EVENT IS NOT A FABLE AND IS NOT A “MYTH”…IT IS VERIFIABLE SCIENTIFIC FACT! It looks like a fun story, but what might the evidence for this be?

The fossil remains of numerous dinosaurs have been found with their heads and necks arched upwards, as if in their death throes they were straining to to keep their heads above water!

Wow. I’ve seen lots of dead birds with their necks arched in that same way, and in the deserts of Utah and Eastern Washington I’ve found deer and antelope skeletons in the same pose. I’d always thought that it was because when neck ligaments dried, they tended to pull the head back. I guess instead they must have all drowned.

The author also throws in the old story that the Chinese character for “boat” is verification of the Noah’s Ark myth: a story that has been debunked, but still gets wafted around in creationist circles.

The description says that the book can’t be bought anymore, but I discovered that this is not true. The author, Jim Pinkoski, has a website and sells the book and many others for the low, low price of $4.95. I had to order a copy to add to my collection. I also ordered the one that gives the Christian interpretation of The Day the Earth Stood Still, which shouldn’t be too much of a stretch at all.