Update your blogrolls! Um, not.

John A. Davison has started a new blog. You may recall his previous blog, or the one before that. His technique is to post one article, invite comments, and when he gets tired of them, move on…not to a new article, a new blog. His first got 881 comments (many of them consisting of Davis wondering where everyone was, or arguing with DaveScot); this is the only article there.

I have my own blog now, only because I have been banned from just about all the others. Since I am computer illiterate, don’t expect very much from me. I welcome any comments about my published papers including my unpublished “An Evolutionary Manifesto: A New Hypothesis For Organic Change.” I will tend to ignore any denigrations either of myself or my distinguished sources. I will also not take seriously comments from anonymous posters although I will respond provided they are civil.

That’s it, demonstrating that at least he was honest in saying he was computer illiterate. The second got 651 comments, again more of the same, and here’s all the content on it:

The original Prescribed Evolution blog got pretty cluttered so I am starting a new one. Hopefully I will be able to better manage this one than the original.

Whoops, no, he wasn’t any better at it. So now he has moved on, and the current one has 7 comments, on an article that says just this:

I have abandoned both of my earlier blogs, leaving their contents as living testimony to the nature and tactics of my adversaries. Since I am now convinced that creative evolution is no longer in progress I have chosen the above title. I quite busy right now posting at other forums, chiefly Uncommon Descent and ISCID’s ” brainstorms” so I will spend little time here but I welcome any constructive criticism of my several papers and my evolutionary views in general.

A testimony to the tactics of his adversaries? Be still, O My Precious Irony Meter. Let’s let this new blog die a sad, lonely death, OK?

I will say that Davison is certainly the parfait creationist—completely vacuous and so damn righteous in his ignorance.

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  1. #1 Ichthyic
    August 30, 2006

    I’m wondering how PZ thinks to accomplish the goal of diminishing traffic to JAD by mentioning it at all on this forum?

    Do you think, PZ, that asking folks NOT to go there will have the effect you think it will?

    I’ll bet you any amount of cash that the mere fact that you even mentioned JAD’s “blog” will drive more traffic to it than anything you actually said here would reduce it.

    such is the nature of an auto wreck on a frequented stretch of road.

    Davison is simply insane. He’s not an Ider, he’s not really a creationist, he simply went round the bend in the mid 80’s and never recovered.

    He actually did have some decent publications in Science a long time ago.

    now he’s simply a crank. In fact the crankiest, according to (check the evolution section).

    Did you know he actually tried to run for Governor of Vermont once?

    I agree with the sentiment that he should simply be forgotten, but I do wonder about the method used of posting a note about him on the most popular science blog in order to suggest such.


    I’m sure JAD is ecstatic you took notice of him at all.

  2. #2 Ichthyic
    August 30, 2006

    I think we have to wait for two more posts from hoody before we can call shenanigans, though.

    I have my broom ready!

  3. #3 George
    August 30, 2006

    PZ, you’ve got to do something to attract better-quality trolls. This “hoody” guy may be the most boring one yet. zzzzz

    Is Jason still persona non grata (troll non grata?)? Maybe he could be unbanned for special occasions? He was a pretty good grade troll.

    PZ could do special unban and bait-a-troll days – say for the publication of the new Sam Harris book in September or the Dawkins book in October.

  4. #4 Ichthyic
    August 30, 2006

    The stupid! It burns!

    oh my, I do hope whoever said that won’t mind if I borrow it as well.

    mimicry=flattery, etc.

  5. #5 Ichthyic
    August 30, 2006

    Doesn’t he have any friends?

    if you spend time watching him “discuss” things with people, you would not be surprised at the answer “no”.

    Dembski, et. al, take turns misusing his PEH to make random points, and then banning him from posting at UD.

    Davison is a kook, but the three stooges of UD (Dembski, O’leary, and Springer), are positively evil.

    the funny thing is how it is evidence of Davison’s mental state that he keeps coming back whenever they lift the ban, stop insulting him for a day, and let him prounounce his PEH for the hundreth time, just so they can make some ridiculous nonsensical point. Then when he gets belligerent, they just ban him again till the next time.

    very, very sad, all the way around.

  6. #6 Ichthyic
    August 31, 2006


    If sexual reproduction is supposed to prevent evolution, doesn’t it mean that sex is a good thing that should be celebrated?

    it means that regardless.


    YAY SEX!


  7. #7 Ichthyic
    September 1, 2006

    the reason that there is no “official” review of JAD’s PEH is simply that if you read the very first page of it, it becomes readily obvious to anyone with the slightest bit of rational thought that it simply doesn’t even warrant a response.

    It’s just frontloading with a static god.

    If you really can’t see the ridiculousness of it after reading the first few paragraphs, you don’t need a specific refutation, you need professional mental health care.

    now, would you kindly stop attempting to troll the thread?

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