Well, this cheered me up immensely

Everyone is going to be linking to this: Keith Olbermann eviscerates the Bush administration as a gang of arrogant, incompetent wanna-be fascists. Exactly!

Ending it on an Edward R. Murrow quote wasn’t presumptuous at all, and was entirely appropriate. It’s good to see a few journalists still see civic responsibility as part of their job.


  1. #1 Ichthyic
    September 1, 2006

    NSM disagrees with the CEP? why doesn’t it surprise me?

    he disagrees with everybody else who actually has knowledgeable input on any topic.

    Can we call shenanigans on NSM yet?

    my broom is ready.

    what a friggin’ moron.

    can we stil use “demented fuckwit”?

    how bout:

    “AHHHH the Stupid! It burns!”

  2. #2 NatureSelectedMe
    September 1, 2006

    Ichthyic, Who’s CEP? Oh, and thanks for the intelligent input.

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