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Thank you, Michael Behe

By request, I’m bringing over this old post on the outcome of the Dover trial. What it reveals to an astonishing degree is how delusional and disconnected from reality the Discovery Institute gang are. Michael Behe has previously commented on his testimony in the Kitzmiller trial. He felt good about it; in fact, he thought…

Identify this!

A reader from Stillwater sent in a few photos of this lovely creature. They thought it was just some plant debris until it started crawling. Can you guess what it is?

Cool, but with a glaring omission

Somebody has a weird obsession with hybridizing terrestrial and aquatic animals, but even more strangely, there isn’t a single cephalopod in the whole collection.

Darwin in Malibu

So…when is this play, Darwin in Malibu, going on tour? I’d see it.

Wow, it’s only Monday, but I think it’ll be awfully unlikely that we see anyone limbo under the bar of sucky vileness set by Sylvia Browne this week. Watch her lie to a grieving woman. It’ll make you want to take a loofah to your eyeballs. Oh, wait…am I being stupid in my certainty that…

Scienceblogs snipe-back!

Two can play this game—Chad Orzel, who sometimes likes to blame his insufficient popularity on his off-puttingly deep wisdom and excessive sense of moderation and fair play, notes approvingly that “All the world’s stupidest people are either zealots or atheists,” and that “certainty only comes from dogma,” both rather interesting statements coming from a scientist.…

Proof of concept

Plans for my army of zombie cephalopod-cyborgs proceed apace. First target: Holland! Go ahead, open the dikes—nothing will stop them. (via My Confined Space)

Wilkins pins the blame where it belongs: on on a medieval hierarchical concept that Darwin actively negated. It’s a very thorough take-down, not that fans of D. James Kennedy will even notice.

Congratulations to Radagast

It’s not every day that one of the Istari gets tenure. Say, did anyone mention to his review committee that he’s an immortal? This is going to wreak havoc with the college’s finances once he has accumulated some more seniority.

Minnesota misogynists: vote!

The BIG fair, the Minnesota state fair, is going on right now, and Karina Hill is letting people vote on exactly which repellent Midwestern grease lump on a stick she should eat. Here’s the menu: Fried cheese puffs Cajun Season Alligator Sausage on-a-stick Deep Fried Cheese on a stick Jerk pork chop drummy Pancake wrapped…