The scoop on Mike S. Adams

For any locals who are curious about that Mike Adams character who gave a talk on campus yesterday, Bartholomew’s notes on religion has a good summary of his career as a professional victim. There’s also a more complete account of the terrible oppression Adams faced after his response to the 9/11 emails, a story he told in part but at some length yesterday. Funny how he didn’t mention that part of the story involving an undergraduate student he’d marry 18 months later…


  1. #1 j.t.delaney
    October 28, 2006

    Ah – a professor of criminology – not a proper scientist then!

    It could be handled as a science… But then again, considering how well America’s right-wing criminology experts are handling our homicide rates and the War on Drugs, why mess with success?

  2. #2 Bartholomew
    October 29, 2006

    Thanks for the link. I didn’t know about Adams’s current “deficient in all areas” situation. He goes on about it at Townhall:

    Given that I have won several teaching awards and wildly exceeded the average productivity of my colleagues – even in refereed or “scholarly” journal publications – it was assumed by most observers that my denial would be explained on the grounds of “collegiality,” or lack thereof.
    Those observers were wrong. According to the written explanation I have now received, I am deficient in all areas; teaching, research, and service.
    As I sat back in my office – with my 1998 UNCW Professor of the Year Award hanging just to my left and my 2000 Faculty Member of the Year Award hanging just to my right…

    Maybe Adams has a point (ugh!), although it’s worth noting that a) his awards predate his rise to pundithood b) he doesn’t tell us anything about his academic publications and c) he doesn’t actually give us the text of the “written explanation” so that we can judge for ourselves; instead he prefers to rant about his employer being a “Communist dictatorship”.

    By the way, I’ve a bit more amusing humbug from Adams here.