Daniel J. Lewis has left the building

But of course, he had to go somewhere else. That creationist who bailed out of his very own personal thread here turned up at the Calladus blog, only to get crushed there, too.

He’s a very silly man. We’re glad to be shed of him; anyone else want to invite him to visit your blog?


  1. #1 Sastra
    November 30, 2006

    Daniel J. Lewis: “But a culture based on evolution is one that would naturally embrace survival of the fittest. And the extreme of that thinking, is that if I can increase my chances of survival or improve my living by killing you, then I am justified.”

    “But a culture based on magnetism ia one that would naturally embrace the attraction of opposites. And the extreme of that thinking, is that if I find someone with tastes and interests similar to my own, I should repell them, and seek out and live with my opposite, someone with whom I have nothing in common.”

    Why do people constantly mix up an explanatory mechanism which explains behavior with a Mandate from Nature on How We Ought to Behave? Bottom line, this seems to be a form of magical thinking, with the macrocosm of the universe reflected in the microcosm of humanity.

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