Sunday morning eruption of evil

The Nielsen Haydens filled my morning with horror, so I’m going to make you suffer, too. Behold, a Danish disco band pretending to be Apaches:

It goes on for an interminable 4½ minutes; seriously, you’ve done your penance if you watch 20 seconds, long enough to spot the sequins and the Groucho mustache on the keyboardist. I recommend you turn it off before the Apache maidens emerge from behind the teepee—that was just too much.

Say, that Making Light thread led me to another cheesy video by Army of Lovers, and since I was soliciting suggestions for a menacing makeover, it gave me an idea: eyeliner and frilly shirts. A busty henchperson with exposed cleavage might also help.


  1. #1 David Marjanovi?
    January 28, 2007

    Quote from the news magazine profil:

    The 1970s — an epoch marked by brutal ugliness — [...]

    So glad I was born no sooner than 1982. And didn’t watch the video.