Whoa. John Edwards just got a big boost

He must be a smart guy: he just picked Amanda Marcotte to run the John Edwards blog. And since Amanda will be slightly distracted, she’s brought in five (it takes five people to take Amanda’s place?) new people to keep Pandagon humming…and one of them is Chris Clarke. Everything’s shuffling around! I’m getting confused! I think I’m willing to vote for Edwards so far, as long as Amanda keeps him in line and makes sure he doesn’t start pumping up the war talk or professing for creationism.


  1. #1 Steve LaBonne
    February 1, 2007

    SLC thinks he has made some kind of point by showing that Israel nas a right as well as a left? Duh. The point is that BOTH are vigorously expressed there, whereas the views of somebody like David Grossman are taboo IN THE US. Why are all conservatives so godamn stupid? Takes all the fun out of arguing with them.

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