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Magic for professors

The Little Professor has A Compendium of Professorial Magic that looks useful—I’m going to have to master these. The list, though, is of low level spells. I think I really need an “Enchant Knowledge” area-effect spell that infuses all of the targets with mastery of the subject matter. It’s probably a ninth-level spell, I’m afraid,…

Since I mentioned my fondness for Jane Fonda the other day, I think I have to respond to this insane wingnut rant I found via Atrios: Seeing Jane Fonda Saturday was enough to make me wish the unthinkable: it will take another terror attack on American soil in order to render these left-leaning crazies irrelevant…

No more microcephalics

Zimmer describes some of the more recent work on Flores Man — people are still arguing over whether the fossil is of a peculiarly abnormal human with microcephaly, or whether there was a species of ‘miniaturized’ Homo living on the islands of the Pacific. Trying to establish common characteristics of microcephalics is an interesting project,…

Bumper stickers!

Looking to slap more slogans on your Volvo, you latte-sippin’, book-readin’, over-evolved liberal, you? Here’s a good selection of appropriate ones. These two are my favorites:

Agricultural biodiversity

One of the great developments I’m seeing is the emergence of specialized weblogs that focus hard on a specific issue, and here’s an example: the Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog. There’s good science there on a topic of considerable importance. Let a thousand flowers bloom, I say.

Monkey Girl

Oh, but I am dragging this morning. Have you ever done that thing where you start reading a book and you don’t want to put it down, and eventually you realize it’s late and you need to get some sleep, so you go to bed but you can’t sleep anyway so you get up and…

You really must take a look at this video clip from an HBO special on American Christianity and specifically creationism. I just got finished watching Alexandra Pelosi’s Friends of God documentary on HBO and was taken aback at what has become an increasing trend among American christianists. This particular part on evangelicals and evolution (and…

Minnow? That’s a pretty good sized fish

Everyone should congratulate ScienceWoman—she manage to land a 7 pound minnow.

The Beagle Project

Here’s a sweet idea: rebuild Darwin’s ship, the Beagle in time for the bicentennial of Darwin’s birth in 2009 (and also the 150 year mark for publication of the Origin). 2009 is the bicentenary of Charles Darwin’s birth, an event which will be celebrated throughout the world. The Beagle Project will rebuild a working replica…

Bravo, ladies!

Read Twisty and Amanda for an encouraging story about how community activism can shut down a sleazebag operation, “Girls Gone Wild”. It’s a good lesson that I hope gets spread far and wide, and leads more people to cut off exploiters like Joe Francis.