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It would be funny…

…except that I can’t stand poker or gambling of any kind, and I refuse to believe that cephalopods would be stupid enough to indulge in it. Maybe it’s mocking the dumb one-eyed squid morph.

Kings of Camouflage

NOVA is going to be showing a program on the cuttlefish Tuesday evening, 3 April — it’s called Kings of Camouflage, and the website for it is also very well done, with nice illustrations of anatomy and behavior, and one excellent clip of color changes. I’m definitely going to tune in, check it out!

What do the godless do on Easter?

Well, Skatje’s going to Minicon next weekend—sending her off to hang out with intelligent nerds and geeks and people like Charles deLint and Lois McMaster Bujold and the Nielsen Haydens and Jane Yolen is probably the most responsible thing a parent can do. If any of my readers are also going, make sure she doesn’t…

I must disagree with Larry Moran, who accuses the field of evo-devo of animal chauvinism — not that it isn’t more or less true that we do tend to focus on metazoans, but I disagree with an implication that this is a bad thing or that it is a barrier to respectability. Larry says we…

Today’s excessive religious hysteria

A gay rights group called Soulforce had a sit-in (it warms my heart to hear the traditions of the 1960s have not completely died) in the offices of Al Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and typical homophobe. One of our local bible scholars, Reuben David, an assistant professor of Communication Arts at…

Signs of the coming apocalypse

Minneapolis is a lovely city, except for the geysers of blood erupting out of the sewer system. Don’t get the wrong idea, though—only some of it was human blood.

I’ve been seeing this xkcd comic everywhere today, and it might be heresy to do this, but I have to disagree with part of it. It just didn’t ring true.

Wells and Cordova get everything wrong

Afarensis takes on both Sal Cordova and Jonathan Wells on the subject of anthropology. Would you believe that those two creationist frauds are talking out of their hats and are readily spotted as dishonest kooks when they discuss anything in which their reader has any expertise? I know, I was so surprised myself.

“There’s something enchanting under his sari!” What is this, silly religion day? I just got sent a link to this marvelous story of a young unemployed British fellow who became a goddess in India — he is now the incarnation of Bahucharaji, the patron of Indian eunuchs, and he goes around blessing people and curing…

Carnivalia, and an open thread

Friday Ark #132 Gene Genie #3 Carnival of the Liberals #35 Skeptics’ Circle #57