Today’s excessive religious hysteria

A gay rights group called Soulforce had a sit-in (it warms my heart to hear the traditions of the 1960s have not completely died) in the offices of Al Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and typical homophobe. One of our local bible scholars, Reuben David, an assistant professor of Communication Arts at North Central University, took it upon himself to criticize these militant gay rights activists; I’m really impressed with his perspective:

Osama Bin Laden’s threat against the West is milder compared to the movements of [Soulforce founder] Mel White and others who are eating away at the vitals of a traditional society like zombies threatening to destroy traditional families … This is a guerilla war against traditional human marriages.

ZOMBIES ARE ATTACKING MY MARRIAGE, THEIR LEADERS ARE WORSE THAN OSAMA BIN LADEN! I’m a little confused by the metaphor; I don’t usually associate zombies with the idea of chowing down on an abstract concept like traditional marriage. They seem more direct, interested in brains as meat rather than love and sex. I also don’t associate zombies with homosexuals. Maybe he was thinking of vampires, not zombies — vampires have a more sexual vibe and a better fashion sense.

I’m also baffled by the reference to traditional human marriages. Are non-human marriages safe from the gay zombies? Is it OK for chickens and people to get married, or is Mr David concerned only about the sanctity of chicken-chicken marriages? Does he know of any?

I can’t say that I’m a fan of this Mel White fellow. He’s all wrapped up in this absurd religion stuff, and he seems to have had a history of supporting fundagelical loons like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell and Jim Bakker, and only broke away from them when their theocratic leanings threatened his personal sexual choices. A deluded man, perhaps a little bit self-centered, but now fighting for civil rights and personal freedoms through nonviolente resistance…who doesn’t sound at all like a terrorist.

The person in this affair who bears the greatest resemblance to an intolerant religious fanatic who responds hysterically to people with different beliefs is, well, Reuben David.

(via Minnesota Monitor)