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Dawkins yesterday, Collins today

Terry Gross’s Fresh Air program had an interview with Dawkins yesterday — it’s not too late to listen to it, you can either get it by way of streaming video, or download the Fresh Air podcast. Also, today she’s interviewing Francis Collins, which could be very interesting, in a gruesome, messy, semi-painful way.

Well, I’ve been wrong all this time. It’s always been my opinion that if someone says they’re a Christian, they’re a Christian — I’m not going to nit-pick fine theological distinctions with someone, and if they want to claim the soiled and tattered title of Christianity, they’re welcome to it. An important figure in American…

Michael Egnor, Whig historian

He mangles science, now he defames history. Michael Egnor is like the Swiss army knife of creationist hackery. Former Vice President Al Gore famously claimed to have invented the Internet because years ago he was in the Senate and sponsored a bill. The assertion that Charles Darwin’s theory was indispensable to classical and molecular genetics…

It’s a b i g picture, slowly scrolling by, of a full-sized blue whale. Load it up and just let the whale swim past your window…it’ll take a while. (via inkycircus)

God has an awesome PR department

Only the religious could turn a disaster into a mark in the plus column for God. Jim Downey has found an amazing series of books with some impressive titles, all with the point of giving credit to God for personal catastrophe:

Trolls In Cyberspace!

Oh, no! What will happen to our intrepid commenter? You’ll have to read My Confined Space to find out!

There’s a very good reason I reposted an old reply to a creationist today. It’s from 2004, way back shortly after I’d started this blog, and it addresses in simple terms the question of how ordinary biological mechanisms can produce an increase in information. I brought it up because Casey Luskin is whining again. He…

The “magnificent P-Zed”?

Aww, I’m flattered; Richard Dawkins read aloud part of my Courtier’s Reply in his recent debate with Alister McGrath. You can listen to it online—I think I’m going to have to have Dawkins read all of my posts aloud, since he makes them sound so much better. If you want to listen to just the…

A creationist, Rob McEwen, left me a little comment here which lists a number of his objections to evolution. It?s a classic example of the genre, and well illustrates the problem we have. The poor fellow has been grossly misinformed, but is utterly convinced that he has the truth. I?m not going to dismantle his…

Mangolicious Tangled Bank #76

The latest edition of the Tangled Bank is online at Balancing Life. I hope you like mangos.