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Hitchens on The Daily Show

Eh. It wasn’t bad. Hitchens declared some laudable objectives for his book: he wants to end the idea that calling someone a person of faith is a compliment, and he laid out his position on the origins of religion. It’s built on fear of the dark, fear of death, and hatred of sex, and those…

It’s like Kung-Woo!

So…is Benny Hinn like a Kiai Master? This video is disturbingly nuts, with ol’ Hinn waving his hands at the True Believers and knocking them over. We need to smuggle some godless people in to one of his shows to just stand there and give him a quizzical look.

Carnivalia, and an open thread

There were all these carnival notices clattering around in my mailbox from last week, and they all got lost in the chaos for a while, but here they are, a bit late. The Humanist Symposium #1 Skeptics’ Circle #59 Carnival of the Liberals #37 Carnival of Education #116 Grand Rounds 3(31)

Good press

A colleague just let me know that I’m mentioned in the “Best of the Web” section of Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News. Yay! It’s a positive review! It’s in the April 15 issue for all you subscribers.

TV Alert!

Christopher Hitchens will be on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart tonight! I’ll tune in, but if he tries to defend the Iraq war, it’s going off.

Blogroll Open Enrollment Day!

This worked fairly well last time around, so let’s try it again. If you’d like to have your blog on the Pharyngula blogroll, here’s what you should do: Examine your blog with a critical eye. If you are espousing creationism, Intelligent Design creationism, the beauty of unthinking acceptance of your Lord and Master Jesus Christ…

This has got be a joke, right?

There’s more to invention than just slapping a new wrapper on an old device, and sometimes the superficial approach can lead to some funny results, like the Tampon Taser. The copy describing this device is weird: in addition to touting its absorbency, fresh floral scent and gentle glide applicator, it also has barbed probes and…

I deny the existence of Hoofnagles!

But if you’re gullible enough to believe Hoofnagles actually exist, I suppose you could go say hello to them at their new Denialism blog. I will point out, though, that if one Hoofnagle is improbable, the chances of two Hoofnagles spontaneously assembling themselves at a single place and time is so unlikely as to be…

90% of teenage girls believe they are overweight, according to a recent survey. That’s something to worry about — there’s the reality, that a lot of us are overweight, but there’s also the perception problem, that many girls are convinced that they must lose weight when they really don’t. There’s an article that speculates on…

The routine promulgation of reason

Since I didn’t get in my usual god-bashing today, you’ll have to take in The Carnival of the Godless #65 and Revere’s Freethinker Sunday Sermonette. They’ll clear the piety out of your sinuses and flush the veneration right out of your colon.