That 5 May debate …

Brian Flemming reveals that the godless debaters who will engage the two idiots on 5 May are Brian Sapient and Kelly of the Rational Response Squad. He also mentions that Ray Comfort is planning to bring a banana to the debate. Oh, man, I hope so.

If the debate rolls around to atheist morality (which it probably will) there’s one comment they could make that would discombobulate me, so I hope they stick to the banana. The troubling revelation would be the fact that Karl Rove may be an unbeliever.


I rather doubt that Comfort/Cameron will damn atheists with the litany of “Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and Rove”, but if they do, you know the Bush administration is toast. I was initially taken aback by this revelation from Hitchens, until I read a little further.

I know something which is known to few but is not a secret. Karl Rove is not a believer, and he doesn’t shout it from the rooftops, but when asked, he answers quite honestly. I think the way he puts it is, “I’m not fortunate enough to be a person of faith.”

Oh, so he’s one of those appeaser atheists. That’s all right then, and has nothing to do with me.


  1. #1 David Marjanovi?
    April 28, 2007

    Maybe King George really is enough of a simpleton to believe his own godly hype

    That’s a good question. He hasn’t been to church often… I get the impression he’s more into booze.

    “Well Mr. Host, Kirk’s comment is just another banana”

    LOL! :-D