It’s like Kung-Woo!

So…is Benny Hinn like a Kiai Master? This video is disturbingly nuts, with ol’ Hinn waving his hands at the True Believers and knocking them over. We need to smuggle some godless people in to one of his shows to just stand there and give him a quizzical look.

Or even, perhaps, sue the silly little rodent. Here is a story about one of those gullible believers falling down, injuring herself, and suing the pastor. I have no sympathy. Engage in stupid behavior and reap the rewards, I say.

But the pastor of this congregation … oh, he is a piece of work.

“The Bible, uh, ethics and God’s word says that Christians are not to sue Christians,” the suit quotes Williams as saying at the rally, ” … and so we have to assume that if that’s the case, that she must have renounced the faith, and that’s what I am very concerned about, that she has renounced her faith in Jesus, just for the sake of, uh, you know, mammon.”

“Christians are not to sue Christians” is not a rule I’ve ever heard of before; which commandment is that? And if it actually were true, I think the American legal profession would be about to implode.

I do appreciate the raw sleaziness of the preacher’s tactics — sue him, disagree with him, and poof, you’re going to hell, sinner. You’d think he’s so transparently a fraud that nobody would want anything to do with him … but no, the story reveals that he has a congregation of 4000 people and a 43 acre church estate. It’s OK to be a predatory, grasping coward if you’re also a Christian, I guess.

(via Daniel Morgan)


  1. #1 Greg Laden
    April 30, 2007


    Is there any equivalent in any other area of life? I mean, people keep saying that there are a lot of rational, pro science, whatever, religious people out there, and I suppose this is true. Then there are the millions who dig this weird push-me-over insane shit. An I suppose a spectrum in between.

    So, for example, think about science for a minute … you’ve got scientists working in labs, in the field, writing stuff, gazing at dials and indicators and peering into scopes and sniffing test tubes and slicing and dicing tissues and so on.

    Is there an equivalent in science? Hawking going up in a big plane to get weightless for eleven seconds? Dawkins cracking a joke now and then? PZ Myers breathing a little fire now and then?

    None of this cuts it… We just don’t have anything like this. Shouldn’t we get some of this mojo? Maybe at the next Evolution conference, this can be our Minnestoa Contribution:

    Saturday 1:00 PM – 3:38 PM Organized Session, Trancing and hypothesis testing.

    (Who would we get to be discussants?)

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