This has got be a joke, right?


There’s more to invention than just slapping a new wrapper on an old device, and sometimes the superficial approach can lead to some funny results, like the Tampon Taser. The copy describing this device is weird: in addition to touting its absorbency, fresh floral scent and gentle glide applicator, it also has barbed probes and a range of 14 feet. Alas, it also warns that “It is not intended nor recommended for vaginal insertion.”

After reading my last day’s posts here, you might think I’m either a teenage girl, or obsessed with young girls, but really … it’s just what has drifted to the top of my email box lately. And really, my initial impression that here was a device that would allow women to fire debilitating high voltage sparks out of their nether regions did get me a little bit excited, so you can’t blame me for mentioning it.


  1. #1 Torbjörn Larsson
    April 30, 2007

    two in the bush

    But if it’s a burning bush, you wouldn’t want to get a tampon anywhere near it.

    Tampon Taser

    It is amazing what one can read into things then one isn’t on top of one’s game. Not having had enough coffee yet, I read that as ‘Tampon Teaser’.

    Momentarily assuming it was some sort of dedicated extraction device for elusive tampons, I smelled something fishy about the time I got to “barbed probes” (“Ouch!”) and “a range of 14 feet” (“WTF?!”).

    I’m not sure that a “Tampon Taser” is any less weird though.

  2. #2 ???????? ?? ???????
    April 30, 2007

    That’s “Tampön Tasör” to you, Mr. Mjølnir!

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