If you’ve recently had lunch, don’t go to this opinion piece from a fanatical sports fan at Iowa State University. It will turn your stomach. It’s a tirade against Hector Avalos, of course, who is apparently the man who runs ISU (it’s amazing how holding an opinion contrary to the majority suddenly elevates you to a controlling power). It’s an appalling demonstration of ignorance and idiocy by some born again fool named Steve Deace.

This isn’t about the separation of church and state, and this isn’t about tolerance. This is about one thing and one thing only—the separation of Christ and state.

Jesus Christ is unique among all other figures in history, and that’s why over two millennia later a boy born in a barn is still making folks like Mr. Avalos nervous. He asserted absolutes, and said that if you weren’t for him you were against him. He leaves no middle ground about who he is, and doesn’t provide you the escape hatch of a good moral teacher. That’s because billions of people across the globe worship him every day as the embodiment of the only true God. A good moral teacher doesn’t lie about who he is.

OK. He’s not unique; he doesn’t make us nervous; we’re against him; and since he lied about who he is, we should conclude that he is not a good moral teacher.

Mr Deace could splutter indignantly now, if only he’d heard my opinion while he was writing that tripe. Since he didn’t, he carries on, unfortunately.

Other religions, like Islam, bastardize him. Other religions dismiss him. Other religions try to downplay him by including him in a pantheon of other gods. But nobody — and I do mean nobody — ignores him.

He’s the greatest phenomena that ever crossed the horizon of this world. He’s the centerpiece of western civilization. He’s unique…he’s unparalleled…he’s unprecedented. For folks like Mr. Avalos, try as the might they can’t get him out of their minds, and they can’t outlive him nor can they live without him.

What Mr. Avalos, and others like him, really fear is that Coach Chizik’s plan for a team chaplain may inspire a generation of young men wearing the Cyclone uniform to reconsider their eternal destiny, which will cause them to reconsider how to live their temporal lives on this planet. If they do that they may not vote the way folks like Mr. Avalos prefer, nor will they likely live the way folks like Mr. Avalos do. And when you’re of the mindset of a Mr. Avalos and are convinced that this life is all there is, you will fight to the grave for it.

No, that’s not what we fear, and that’s not why we care about this unquestioning and fervent belief in superstition. It’s because it turns people like Steve Deace into demented morons. Thanks, Mr Deace, for reminding me why I despise religion!

Maybe he should take one of Dr Avalos’s religious studies courses and learn that what Deace considers an absolute truth is actually a collection of self-serving lies that have turned him into a ranting godbot.