Molly? Anyone want a Molly?


It’s mid-month, and all you regulars know what that means: it’s time to poll you guys for the winners of the Molly award for June. It’s easy: just leave a comment with the name of the person you most enjoy stumbling across in the comment threads, I count ‘em up, the winner gets the grand prize of getting his or her name entered on the Molly roll call. You might want to review that list before casting your vote, so you don’t nominate someone who has already won one.

If you’ve been wondering who the grand prize winner for last month was, it was a tie between Kseniya and BronzeDog. That means you have to read their comments with a special reverence now, and you also have to cast a vote for someone different.


  1. #1 Torbjörn Larsson, OM
    June 15, 2007

    Kseniya and Bronze Dog! I am fully pleased, though I only voted for one of them (Kseniya) that time.

    Wait, does this mean I don’t get to vote for Bronzie now? Like, forever? Bwaaahh!!

    If this goes on, I will have to instate a long preemptive list. But for now I can make my vote retroactive. So here’s one for Bronze Dog – you deserve(d) to win!

    Now the fresh blood – seems that there will still be two winners at times, so two candidates will do.

    Ichthyic has been on my “to vote for” list for a long time, as has Caledonian. As they both appeared here to remind me, that will do nicely. Ichthyic for his analysis and concern, Caledonian for his brevity and rantability.

    Oh, btw PZ, I hear that Scott Hatfield has his own blog now. You may want to update your Molly list.