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Who the heck is Marcus Brigstocke?

Zebrafish myotome formation

This is a short video clip of myotome formation in a zebrafish embryo — it’s the subject of an upcoming column in Seed, so I’m putting a short visual aid here. You can Download the Quicktime movie (620K), or you can watch it via YouTube. Watch closely, it’s short and it flies by!

The researcher behind this study is “surprised and disappointed,” but I’m neither. Although most religious traditions call on the faithful to serve the poor, a large cross-sectional survey of U.S. physicians found that physicians who are more religious are slightly less likely to practice medicine among the underserved than physicians with no religious affiliation. In…

Richard Dawkins defends the Out Campaign. I really have to stress to everyone who complains that they don’t like the design, that it’s too bold, that it’s too timid, that they don’t believe in joining anything, etc., that this is not about conformity — you don’t have to wear the big red “A” t-shirt, and…

I never get stalkers like this. What is the secret of Phil‘s animal magnetism? (via Depleted Cranium)

I think Bill O’Reilly needs to pick on the big blogs more often. It’s incredibly entertaining.

The bookstores have noticed us

Minnesota Atheists notes a new policy at Borders Books — they’ve put up a small display section dedicated to books about atheism. If you’ve ever been frustrated in a search for books on nonbelief in your local bookstore or annoyed by their inclusion in the comparative religion section, Borders Books has remedied the situation. “Atheism…


I would love to have a plush Anomalocaris, but this site is all in Japanese! Anyone know of an American source?

If you’re interested in the sordid history of bannings at Bill Dembski’s prissy little blog, here’s a compilation. It’s an ugly little story. If you’re interested in the history of bannings here, I keep a public list. It isn’t quite so easy to get banned at Pharyngula, although a few are making a strong effort.

This story is getting a lot of attention suddenly: it’s a blog about a biologist reshelving creationist crap in bookstores. It’s good stuff … but I thought we all did this. You mean most people don’t?