Recall those threats made against evolutionary biologists at the University of Colorado at Boulder? You can read the text of some of them at the Panda’s Thumb now. This is clearly the work of a deranged Christian cultist and creationist kook. We at the Panda’s Thumb also know who the author was, since he didn’t conceal his identity in the letters, and have tracked down his website, and yeah, he’s one of those wacky creationists and a fervent convert to Christianity from Judaism (we are not linking to that information until the police or other sources confirm it).

The most genuinely contemptible reaction to this whole affair belongs to the Discovery Institute. They complain that the letters are unlikely to have come from a real religious person, because with their deep, clever minds and great insight into the workings of the religious mind, they claimed that ‘Rarely do Christian groups refer to their own “religious beliefs”’ … which is news to me. I should point out that it took only a moment with google to find individual articles on the DI’s website that use the phrase “religious beliefs” 3 times, 9 times, even 11 times. Oh, and in case they try to make the lame excuse that they are a secular organization (we can all see through that pretense, of course), it’s similarly easy to find that the Catholic League frequently uses the phrase. Perhaps Bill Donohue isn’t a True Christian™?

Then, to complete the sliming on flimsy grounds, they state that they suspect it was the work of neither creationists nor Christians — implying what? That it was some godless biologist threatening harm? — and compare it to the Paul Mirecki case, implying that he was beat up by some wicked ‘Darwinist,’ too.

This is a case where the DI is clearly shown to be wrong. Don’t expect any retractions from them, though.