It’s a strange place, Wisconsin

First we had that Wisconsinite caught trying to have sex with roadkill in Minnesota. Then it was decreed that it is illegal to have sex with dead animals, which I’m sure has distressed many a leather fetishist. Now I learn that the three Wisconsin boys who conspired to dig up the body of a dead young woman in order to have sex with it can only be charged with misdemeanor attempted theft, because it is not illegal to commit necrophilia in Wisconsin. I guess necrophilia is a victimless crime, after all, and our disgust at the perpetrators isn’t sufficient cause for serious criminal charges.

Still, I wouldn’t want to be caught dead in Wisconsin.


  1. #1 MAJeff
    July 28, 2007

    I’ll start telling Ole and Lena jokes.

    Let’s see, Ole and Lena vs. guys having sex with dead dear and conspiring to dig up a corpse to have sex.

    Even if Ole and Lena start getting into necrophiliac bestialisty, we can always say “they’ve been that way since they arrived from Wisconsin.”

  2. #2 Sastra
    July 28, 2007

    Leni wrote

    How fucking horrible.

    Well put.

    On the up side, the city of Sheboygan has canceled the brat eating contest at our annual BratFest, on account of it’s being just too gross. Wisconsin has standards.

  3. #3 MAJeff
    July 28, 2007

    The only surprise here is that a flock of moonbats hasn’t already emerged to demand the decriminalization of screwing roadkill, then to demand society respect someone’s absolute right to screw roadkill, and then to demand domestic partnerships for the happy couple.

    What a lovely person. Is this more Rick man-on-dog Santorum, or John Box Turtle Cornyn in its approach?

  4. #4 MAJeff
    July 28, 2007

    This should be good:

    festus, why was Lawrence v. Texas wrong?

  5. #5 MAJeff
    July 28, 2007

    you silly fuckwit. You come here making implicit comparisons to the gay rights movement, you misrepresent what was probably an attempt to remove an enenforceable law (the state’s sodomy law was declared unconstitutional by state courts a few years before the SCOTUS decision in Lawrence.) and just said, lets get rid of all the “victimless crime sex statutes.”

    Then again, you probably also don’t know that Minnesota’s sodomy law also applied to straight sex.

    Last night, in a cab, I was cursed with a cabbie who was listening to Michael Savage. Festus is on about that same level. Hate, hate, hate. Projection, projection, projjection. Worthless wastes of dna.

  6. #6 MAJeff
    July 29, 2007

    again, festus…what’s your opinion on Lawrence? Your own posts make it obvious, that you believe I as a gay man am the same as someone who would kill an animal to have sex with it.

    Are you a member of the MFC, an organization that was founded to attempt to control other people’s sex lives, and which makes clear that’s what the “pro-family” movement is all about? The world would be a better place without your and that entire movement’s existence.

  7. #7 festus
    July 29, 2007

    MAJeff ejaculated: “Are you a member of the MFC, an organization that was founded to attempt to control other people’s sex lives”

    No my friend. If you want to screw roadkill, or turtles, or elm trees, or petunias, or your mom, or your dad I have no problems with it. In fact, I’m pleased to have your genetic material out of the public gene pool.

    But evidently you do have problems, or you wouldn’t be so defensive when the subject is brought up.

    Why not talk it over with your sister when you two have finished with one another tonight?

  8. #8 MAJeff
    July 29, 2007

    how long did it take ya to come up with that, festus? nyuk nyuk…he so funny.

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