It’s a wiki with the tagline, “It’s a fictional world purely imagined by its community”, and it isn’t Conservapædia! Galaxiki is a galaxy-building exercise that lets you create star systems and populate them with stories and details. One bummer is that they charge you for the right to create new stars — that doesn’t seem like a smart idea, since you’d think they’d want more contributions, at least early in the game — but you can edit somewhat freely, and there are swarms of randomly generated star systems to play with.


  1. #1 Eric TF Bat
    July 30, 2007

    Usually when I follow a link and discover that it’s dead, it’s because it was hosted on a Microsoftish web servers, but my tools tell me it’s actually Linux – Debian, even, which is the Richard Dawkins of operating systems (ideologically pure, somewhat grumpy, maybe a little strident, but indisputably respectable). So I’m forced to conclude that you, PZ, are such a beacon of wossname in a world of thingummy, that a mere mention from you of a website is enough to Slashdot the site to its knees. Go you!

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