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Oreskes smacks down Shulte

This sounds so familiar. A few years ago, a historian of science, Naomi Oreskes, reviewed the literature on climate change and concluded that there is a unanimous consensus in the published work that anthropogenic carbon is a major contributor to global warming. Now a denialist has re-analyzed those papers and is saying that Oreskes was…

Pharyngula got a small link from Dave Barry today. It’s one word (“YIKES”, which seems appropriate), but I have a dream that someday I will get a whole sentence. And it will be funny. Oh yes, it will be funny.

Texans should be concerned about Texas H.B. No. 3678, an act “relating to voluntary student expression of religious viewpoints in public schools.” It’s authored by Charlie Howard, an overly cheerful and zealous member of the far religious right, and Warren Chisum, who will be known forever as the bible-thumping dwarf from Pampa, and it plays…

Rampaging PR flacks!

The Pivar story isn’t quite dead yet — Chris Mims discovers that one of his blog defenders was a public relations agent. It’s not clear if he was employed by Pivar — he has written press releases for Lifecode, though — but if he was, it looks like Pivar has another goon in his employ…

Sacrilege and cephalopod

This is a kind of cephalart quickie, two images that are perfect for Pharyngula. If I had rooms here I’d hang them in ornate frames surrounded by expensive lighting. Here is the patron saint of Pharyngula, St Architeuthis, by Skot Olsen. This one is so beautiful it brings a tear to me eye; the only…

Friday Cephalopod: The vampire winks

Vampyroteuthis gazes at you with its terrible ancient eye… Close it, please, for the love of heaven, close it!

Wells lies. Again.

When I see Jonathan Wells’ name on anything, I know I’m in for some furious gnashing of the teeth because of the man’s infuriating tendency to blatantly lie with every sentence. That’s the case with his recent baseless criticisms of the peppered moth story; Mike Dunford takes care of him this time around.

Say happy birthday to Zeno

His blog is now two years old, which means it is at that point where it’s very cute but has an infuriating habit of saying “no” a lot and throwing tantrums. It helps if everyone makes sure that he gets his naps.


We had our very first meeting of UMM Campus Atheists, Skeptics, and Humanists tonight. About two dozen people had expressed interest before, so we expected, optimistically, about 20 people to show up. We got there a little early, and people were waiting for us … and then our 20 were there, and then more, and…

Yet another panadaptationist

This one has been around for a while, but it’s still funny.