A few years ago, Mel Gabler died, and I put up my response below. Now his wife, Norma Gabler, has also died. Good riddance at last. Those two did an awful amount of harm to American science education by inflicting their ignorant opinions on textbook selection in Texas.


I read this which led to this, where I learned a few months late that Mel Gabler was dead. This Mel Gabler. I don’t like to speak ill of the dead, but Gabler had a good 89 year run in which he spread poison and ignorance and lies, and made his wretched mark on the textbook industry. He was a dishonest old man who reviewed biology textbooks through the lens of his own stupidity and religious prejudice, and he was darned good at it.

Take a look at his criteria for evaluating biology textbooks. I’ve added links to Mark Isaak’s indispensable index of creationist claims so that you can easily look up the real story. Every single one of these criteria that Gabler used to block the adoption of good science textbooks was a lie. Most of them are trivial and obvious lies to anyone with a little basic knowledge of biology. I look at his rationalizations and see gibbering, spittle-flecked senility…and this is the man the Texas State Board of Education took seriously.

Gabler’s criterion Gabler’s rationalization Isaak’s rebuttal

no fossil evidence for gradual evolution
“Punctuated equilibria” theory admits the systematic gaps between life forms
in the fossil record, and the lack of evidence there for gradual

circular reasoning in “punctuated equilibria” theory
“Punctuated equilibria” theory says evolution occurs too slowly to see it
in the present, and too quickly for the fossil record to capture in the past.
This is circular reasoning: the lack of evidence for evolution proves it
circular reasoning in the standard geological column “Index fossils” are fossils of life forms that evolutionists think lived
only briefly in geologic time. Evolutionists position rocks in the Standard
Geological Column by the stage which their index fossils represent in the
presumed evolution of life. Thus the Standard Geological Column reflects
evolutionary assumptions but does not prove them.
subjective interpretation of the standard geological column No actual single example of the entire Standard Geological Column exists
in nature. The alleged evolutionary ages of rock strata do not always match
the alleged evolutionary ages of some of the fossils they contain. Supposedly
younger strata sometimes contain supposedly older fossils. Supposedly older
strata sometimes contain supposedly younger fossils.
complex initial appearance of life forms in the fossil record Evolution
says complex life forms developed from simple forms. But the “earliest” fossils
of each life form are as structurally complex as their modern counterparts.
The kingdoms, phyla, and classes that first appear in the fossil record still
exist today.
undisputed transitional forms in the fossil record
reappraisal often shows “missing links” to have been either fully human (e.g.,
Neanderthal Man, Cro-Magnon Man) or apes (e.g., Pithecanthropus,
). Archaeopteryx is discredited as a missing
CC050, CC351

no examples of “micro-evolution”
is the process of increasing net genetic complexity (between the original
cell and Einstein, there had to be new genes). Speciation and subspeciation
require no increased net genetic complexity, and are thus not even
“micro-evolution.” Darwin’s finches, Kaibab and Albert squirrels, industrial
melanism (spotted moths), penicillin-resistant bacteria, and DDT-resistant
insects are non-evolutionary adaptations of existing life forms to new
environments, involving no increased net genetic complexity and therefore
no evolution.
Isaak doesn’t cover this one specifically; Gabler has invented his own bizarre definition of evolution so that he can falsely claim evolution has not been observed.

no known mechanism for evolution
reshuffles chromosomes. Mutations restructure DNA. Neither produce more complex
chromosomes or DNA. Thus neither increase net genetic complexity, without
which there is no evolution.
between anatomy and biochemistry
acid sequence differences among life forms often contradict evolutionary
predictions based on anatomical similarities.
Sometimes they do. Convergent evolution can produce similarities that are not homologous. This is not evidence against evolution.
flaws in radiometric dating Radiometric
dating methods give conflicting dates for the same object and/or for different
samples of the same object. These dating methods assume a uniform decay rate
of the parent element, initial absence of the daughter element in the test
sample, and isolation of the test sample from outside contamination ?;
all scientifically questionable assumptions on various grounds.
improbability of evolution through chance mutations
if all mutations were beneficial, the mathematical probability of life developing
by chance verges on absolute zero.

Mel Gabler is dead, but his work continues. Texans for a “Better” Science Education still uses Gabler’s dishonest garbage (a page that, coincidentally, was updated just yesterday; no lie reeks enough to convince a creationist to drop it, I guess). The odious Terri Leo has been re-elected to the Texas State Board of Education and will no doubt perpetuate his work.

So, no, I can’t feel any joy at the death of one sad and narrow-minded old man. The evil that men do lives on long after they’re gone, and he has left an enduring legacy. It’s awfully hard to dance on a grave when you’re still battling the corpse.