Down with the DCCC

It’s a perfect example of the failure of the Democratic party: they allowed the FISA bill to pass, and essentially revealed that they don’t give a damn about civil liberties. Revere is right: don’t support them. Don’t donate to the DCCC. He recommends ActBlue, which does look like a very good organization that actually promotes progressive politics rather than the craven do-nothing politics of the current party organization.

You should also voice your displeasure with your representatives. I gave Senator Amy Klobuchar grief for her spinelessness, and also yelled at my representative
Collin Peterson, who allowed the house bill to pass (and other Minnesotans might cuss out Tim Walz, if you’re in his district). What good is a party that won’t represent any ideals, and instead seems to be a gathering of cowards who do nothing to oppose the Republican bullying?