The inevitable has occurred

Hey, you know that $15 million lawsuit that was filed against me by Stuart Pivar? He’s been getting hammered on the weblogs, the City Pages was preparing a story on it, the Seed lawyers were unflappable, and Peter Irons was constantly sending Pivar and his lawyer cutting dissections of their poor case. Peter was in contact with the City Pages reporter, who received a brief comment from Pivar earlier this evening.

“My attorney withdrew the suit today.”

I wonder if the article is still going to be published…?

I can’t say that I was ever really worried — the man had no case — but it’s nice to see that silly potential time-suck gone.

No good deed goes unpunished, as they say. Peter Irons, who did such good work on my behalf, is now being threatened with legal action by Stuart Pivar’s lawyer, Michael Little. The mouse squeaks at the lion; we should all close our eyes and turn our heads aside to avoid the inescapable carnage to follow. Either that, or open up a popcorn and cotton candy stand.


  1. #1 Greta Christina
    August 28, 2007

    That’s great news! Congratulations! We all knew it would turn out this way eventually, but it’s great that it happened sooner rather than later.

    I do have to say, “My attorney withdrew the suit” is just about the wimpiest way he could possibly have put it. Like his attorney wasn’t acting on his instructions, but was some free-floating agent out of his control. Can’t he take responsibility for anything? Sheesh.

    But anyway — congrats!

  2. #2 Blake Stacey
    August 28, 2007

    Wow! I’ve been spending all afternoon feeling skeeved about dishonest people — particularly PRISM — but this made my evening quite a bit better.

    Thanks for the link, too.

  3. #3 Brownian
    August 28, 2007

    …a commenter on one blog said “I want to have Peter Irons’ baby.” Wow! and another said, “Let’s send him home-baked cookies….

    Can’t it be both? How ’bout a nice basket of home-baked babies?

    Oops. That comment should have gone on the “You can’t replace animals with petri dishes and computers” thread.

    Seriously, well done Peter!

  4. #4 Blake Stacey
    August 28, 2007

    Dan (#46):

    Blake, you’re just bitter because now you have to give back that PhD. Mr. Pivar gave you.

    Actually, I had already gotten one last year — that’s a story I should write about some day, too. . . .

  5. #5 Bryn
    August 29, 2007

    Reference Mr. Pivar and Mr. Little, “methinks it is like a weasel” (with all apologies to Messrs. Shakespeare and Dawkins). And while threats of lawsuits are being bandied about, Mr. Little might want to look up “barratry” as well.

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