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Tangled Bank #87

We have a new Tangled Bank flourishing at Balancing Life.

I have survived the first week of classes (my schedule leaves Fridays free of lecturing), as have my students — one down, sixteen to go. I’ve got a fairly heavy load this term, with a brand new introductory biology course (with 84 freshman students!) and a neurobiology course for more advanced students, so it’s going…

Now the Stuart Pivar Story is on Daily Kos. Even after he dropped the lawsuit, his reputation on the blogosphere is sealed. If he’d never started this duel, it would have been nothing but a few fading memories of a negative review of an obscure book … but by playing games with the law and…

They grow ’em big in Texas

Admit it: if you were walking along and saw this on the trail, you’d stop and turn back, wondering if Shelob was sneaking up behind you. Bug girl has the explanation.

Other people get mail

It’s not just me! Other people get strange messages, like the one forwarded to me below. Have fun with it. The author, Don Pribor, is a member of the biology faculty at the University of Toledo. You really must read his research statement.

Ruloff’s claims are not credible

The second part of the DI’s interview with Ruloff, producer of the movie Expelled, is now available. He’s claiming now that there will be no hacking and chopping of the interview footage, which is, of course, complete nonsense. I was interviewed for something close to two hours; we know that that will be extensively cut…

Happy Birthday, Skatje!

She really hasn’t changed a bit. Well, maybe a little. Skatje (since everyone asks how it’s pronounced, I’ll spell it out: scot-ya) is turning 17 today, and guess how she’s going to celebrate? She’s hosting the first ever meeting of the UMM Campus Atheists, Skeptics, and Humanists, with free pizza, free discussion, and free thought…

Lucy’s legacy

As I’ve mentioned before, Lucy is going to be in Houston at the end of this week for an extended stay. This is not entirely a joyous occasion in the scientific community: many people, including Richard Leakey, are not happy that such a precious specimen has been subjected to the risks of travel. I sympathize.…

I’m so lonely

This is so sad. There is now a Richard Dawkins social networking site, and I have no friends. Not even among those dour, hateful, amoral atheists. You’d think we’d be so perfect together!

Philosofunky biolojams

With subjects from simians to coelacanths and titles like “Heaven must be boring” and “Think for yourself”, I may just have to pick up this George Hrab CD. Listen for yourself!