I like Dembski a little less now

ERV has put up her account of Dembski’s nightmare evening, in which he got grilled and mocked by the students in the Q&A. It sounds like it was great fun — for everyone else, at least — but this part really irks me.

Finally, the Creationists had had enough. Somebody had to stand up for Jesus.

“Im just so disappointed in OU students and how closed minded they are!!!”

Dembski made it perfectly clear at that point that the attacks against me were no accidental oversight. Dembski used this Creationist as an opportunity to attack the students that were exposing him as a fool: “Well dont be so hard on them. Theyre just sucking up to their professors.

Way to make excuses for your own failure by belittling the students, jerk. You flopped, Billy, and it was your own fault — you can only succeed when you ship in a church-going claque, and you had a room full of independent-minded, skeptical students, instead.