It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day, so let’s all heave a hearrrty “Arrr” and down a ration of grog.

Also, more significantly, today is the day of the

Freshman Biology Major Mixer!

In case any of our new biology majors at UMM didn’t get the word, but do read the blog, here’s the deal: party at my house, 300 College Avenue, 7pm tonight. Here’s a map, but you hardly need it — we’re right next door to the U.


The biology faculty will be providing the refreshments, we just want you to stop by and meet us all and your fellow budding biologists. It will be fun.

I doubt that I’ll be up to growling like a pirate in the evening, but I’ll have my Jolly Roger flying, and I’ll be sure to have some of my collection of pirate books out on the coffee table if anyone else wants to join in.

But sorry, no grog for you. You’re all under 21! Fizzy drinks and chips and cake instead!